ASTEL offers complete range for microscopic analysis of various objects and applications: electron microscopy (SEM, TEM) combined with elemental analysis EDS, WDS; atomic force microscopy (AFM), microscopy with Raman or fluorescence contrast and optical microscopy.

ASTEL offers spectrometers and complex solutions for analytical spectroscopic measurements. We are representative of HORIBA Scientific, which is recognized as a world leader in the development and production of Raman spectrometers, fluorometers, ellipsometry, particle size analyzers

We also offer a full range of vacuum equipment of complex vacuum systems of Pfeiffer Vacuum and Oxford Instruments for layer deposition using chemical deposition processes (CVD) or by evaporation and sputtering (PVD) with the possibility of assembling the most diverse analytical equipment.

The company has built a service aimed at maintaining warranty and after-sales equipment.